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My name is Liam Hawryluk. I have been filming weddings since 2016, and since starting I have filmed 200+ weddings all over the world.  I focus on who you two are as a couple and as individuals  I focus, on people and YOUR story, which makes it feel as if you are living the day all over again. I prefer to offer minimal guidance rather than full on direction. In that sense I’m discreet. Letting the wedding day unfold naturally, this creates an authentic look and feel that makes you feel as if you were living the day all over again. You’ll receive a true artistic story driven account of your day that will be as beautiful and relevant in 50 years time as much as it is today. Timeless.




Brand Values

We need to have fun.
I value what makes you two unique!
Your experience is my number one priority.
Your films should reflect who you are.

Hey, we're not all born with that natural model vibe—especially not me. A lot of the couples I work with admit they feel "super awkward" and have no clue how to nail that perfect look.

No worries, though—I've got your back. My approach to videography and weddings is a bit off the beaten path. I'm all about capturing your real, unfiltered love for each other, focusing on making memories and catching those spontaneous moments, rather than forcing stiff poses. I'm more into using fun prompts than traditional poses, you know? Like, let's slow dance to your favorite song, whisper sweet stuff to each other, explore kisses everywhere but the lips, have a tickle war, or run around like we're all carefree kids again.

I want you to forget about the camera and just be with each other. The result? You'll get those magazine-worthy, authentic, candid shots that scream love, and it won't feel like you just went through a boring old photoshoot.

I'm all about your experience. Wedding videography is a big deal to me, and I treat it that way. You're not just clients; you're my new pals. From the first time you reach out to the moment I hand over your videos, I'm going above and beyond to make sure your wedding videography experience is unforgettable—covering everything from our initial chat to the actual shoot.

So, whether you're tying the knot at a gorgeous spot in Alberta (where I'm based), or you're planning a wild elopement in the mountains, on a beach, or even in a whole different country, count on me to be there for you every step of the way.

Let's make some memories together.

I care about providing you the most incredible experience, so I only take a limited number of weddings & elopements every year.


I work with couples who not only value photography & videography, but the friendships, intimate moments, endless adventures, and all of the love that weddings and elopements create.


If that's you, fill out my contact form and I will text/email you within 24 hours so we can meet!




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