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Barrier Lake Elopement Wedding - Kananaskis Alberta. The Wedding of Yuki and James

Yuki and James were married on June 25, 2022 at Barrier Lake Kananaskis, Alberta. With the stunning mountain back drop, it made a perfect setting for an intimate mountain wedding!

Changing into your wedding dress at a remote location:

Yuki and James had the fantastic idea of bringing a portable tent, that folded down into a small disk. When Yuki was ready to change, we popped it up and Yuki was able to easily change inside into her stunning dress!

How to beat the crowds:

Being there early in the morning on a Saturday, there was not a lot of poeple out. But as the day went on a few more people started to arrive at the Lake.




Suit: Eddie's Menswear

Rings: SPENCE (Engagement)

James Allen (Wedding)

Make up: Sandra from

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